Rubber Hardness Tester, Tire Durometer Digital 100HD C Durometer Shore Tester LCD Display Meter for Soft Materials



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النوع: جهاز اختبار صلابة العرض الرقمي
النطاق: 0-100 درجة
الدقة: 0.1 درجة
نطاق التطبيق: قياس الآلات
قسمة القيمة: 0.1 درجة
نطاق القياس: 0-100 درجة
Type: type C
طراز البطارية: بطارية زر 1.5 فولت(غير مشمول)
الحجم: 56 * 85 * 25 ملم / 2.2 * 3.3 * 1 بوصة
Weight: Approx.187g/6.6oz

قائمة العبوة:
1 × اختبار صلابة(البطارية غير مدرجة)
1 x storage box
Scope of application — It is widely used to measure the hardness of various soft materials such as rubber, silica gel, tire and plastic.
The unit of measurement can be changed — With power switch, change the unit of measurement at any position, reset at any position
Easy to use, accurate measurement — easy to carry, durable and stable, practical and strong.Small in the dimension, lightweigt and can easily be transported.Compact pocket size to take along
LCD display, Easy to read large — With clear LCD display for easy to read.Delivers ultra accurate reading with no guessing error
This hardness tester is C type — Industrial standard, high accuracy. Applicable to test the penetration medium hardness of rubber, plastic, leather, multi-grease, wax, etc.