Schumacher – BT55U Compact 6V/12V/24V Battery and 12V Alternator Tester



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The Schumacher BT55 Battery and Alternator Tester checks your vehicle’s systems with digital accuracy. A great choice for testing 6V, 12V and 24V batteries, as well as 12V alternators, the unit is compact, lightweight, and hand-held. Easy to use, it features simple controls, LED indicator lights, and an LCD screen with clear, readable results. Includes overvoltage and reverse polarity protection. Compatible with 12V SLI and VRLA, AGM, and gel batteries. Includes owner’s manual.
COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with 12V alternators and 6V/12V/24V SLI and VRLA, AGM, and gel batteries
ACCURATE TESTING: Hand-held, lightweight tester checks the state of battery charge and charging system output
LCD SCREEN: LCD display interface with easy-to-read results
LED INDICATORS: 2 LED indicator lights and simple button controls for ease of use
SAFETY FEATURES: Over-voltage and reverse-polarity protection