How to perform a pencil hardness test

Table of Contents Types of pencilsStandard procedure for testing hardnessThe procedure of the testOther types of testing’sFailure of the pencil hardness test The hardness of any material is termed as the resistance of any material to deform into a permanent...

How to test the hardness of copper

Table of Contents What is the hardness of metals?Properties of copper: (related to hardness)Test for hardness:Rockwell Test:Brinell Test:Vickers and Knoop Tests: Copper plays an important role in the life of human beings. From the delivering of electricity to the...

How to test for hardness of zinc?

Table of Contents Fundamentals of the hardness of the materialWhat is hardness testing?Zinc metalImportance of zincThe hardness of zinc metalTesting hardness for zinc metalBrinell hardness testRockwell hardness testThe Knoop hardness testMohs hardness test The...

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