Aqualuna Wasserhärte-Testkit – schnelles und genaues Testen für Spülmaschine, Trinkwasser, Pool und Aquarium – 100 Zählungen bei 0–425 ppm – Erhaltung der Wasserqualität.




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Aqualuna Product Introduction

Water hardness plays an important role in daily life and a wide variety of industries and applicators. Water hardness Test Strip aims to examinate the soft or hard water. The result of your water’s total hardness level in 15 seconds. The kit includes 100 high quality test strips. The test pad work by changing color to indicate the conditions of the water.


In fresh water, the principal hardness causing ions are calcium and magnesium. Aqua Luna test strips are designed to react with to the amount of calcium and magnesium ions in the water and produce a specific color change. A water softener removes both Calcium and Magnesium ions by exchanging them for sodium. In the regeneration phase of softening, huge amounts of sodium attack the resin sites where the calcium and magnesium are and remove them by replacing them with the sodium. The range for the Aqualuna water hardness test strip is 1.5 to 25 grains per gallon (25 – 425 ppm). Hardness levels between 80 and 100 mg/L) are generally considered to provide an acceptable balance between corrosion and incrustation.

1.Keep wet fingers out of the bottle.
2.Avoid touching or polluting the test area of strip.
3.Close cap tightly after removing strips.
4.For best results read in natural daylight.
5.Store in a cool dry place.

💧YOUR WATER CARETAKER – Designed specifically for drinking water, dishwasher, pool and spa. Water hardness test kit provides quick and reliable results to verify water quality. Test strips are made of high-quality fiber paper and no color bleeding pads, providing fast and accurate results.
💧The Range of the Color Chart- The degree of water hardness classified in terms of its calcium carbonate concentration. The total hardness is measured in both 0-25 GPG and 0-425 PPM from green to red. eeding pads, providing fast and accurate results.
💧QUICK & RELIABLE RESULTS – Dip the test strip into the water for 2 seconds before removing. Wait 60 seconds for the strip to change color. Match the color of the strip with the color chart for your results.
💧REGULARLY TEST- Water hardness test strip monitors your hardness levels to protect against corrosion, scale formation, cloudy water, or excess foam. It is important to establish a maintenance routine for at least once per week.
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