BAOSHISHAN Tragbares Brinell-Härteprüfgerät für Hammerschlag mit Auslesemikroskop + 5 Brinell-Hartprüfblöcken



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It can be used to determine the Brinell hardness of ferrous, non-ferrous metals and tensile strength of steel products. It is especially suitable to determine the Brinell hardness of large heavy parts on the spot.

* Small volume, convenient for carrying, easy operation
* Precision conforms to JJG 411,ISO9001:2000

*Measuring Range: less than 450HBS
*Diameter of Steel Ball: 10mm (0.4″)
*Dimension: 25X110mm (1X4.33″)
*Weight: 0.5Kg (1.1lb)
*Readout Microscope
*Brinell Hardness Test Block
Dimension: 12X12X150(0.48X0.48X5.9”)
Weight: 0.17kg (0.37lb.)

Hardness Tester: 1pc
20X Readout microscope: 1pc
Brinell hardness test block: 5pc
Packinage box: 1pc

5 Brinell Hard Test Blocks
Measuring Range: less than 450HBS
Diameter of Steel Ball: 10mm (0.4″)
Dimension: 25X110mm (1X4.33″)
20X Readout microscope: 1pc