GSM Brands Pool Teststreifen Stufe 7 (100 Stück)




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GSM BrandsGSM Brands

Single Upright Pool Test StripSingle Upright Pool Test Strip

Aequor Pool Test Strips

Aequor Pool Test Strips by GSM Brands provide a quick and easy way to test water for up to 7 items. Test your water often to maintain maximum water safety!

Product Specifications 100 Test Strips Tests 7 Items Easy Read Key Included Backed by GSM Brands

Single Pool Test Strip Key Top ViewSingle Pool Test Strip Key Top View

How to Use

Test your water sample at room temperature (between 35°F and 86°F) and relative humidity of 80%.

1. Collect water sample in a cup or container.

2. Immerse the test strip in the water for 1-2 seconds. Remove.

3. Hold the strip horizontally and gently tap or shake to remove excess water.

4. Carefully read the test results within 60 seconds. In good light, hold the strip near the box label to determine results. Changes in color that appear only along the edges of the test pads or after 2 minutes have passed are of no significance.

Hundred Pool Test Strips Fanned OutHundred Pool Test Strips Fanned Out

Storage Information

To avoid deterioration of the product and inaccurate results:

– Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture.

– Keep the lid shut tightly between uses.

– Do not touch any areas of the test pad of the reagent strips.

– Do NOT drink the water sample that the test was immersed in.

– Use strips before expiration date.

– Discard the water sample properly.

QUALITY TEST: 100 pack of test strips, our pool tests deliver fast and reliable results.
7 LEVELS: Each strip tests for free chlorine, total chlorine, hardness, total alkalinity, pH, cyanuric acid and bromine.
EASY TO USE: Dip the test strip into water sample for 1-2 seconds, lay flat and read results in one minute.
BRIGHT COLORS: Vivid colors make our tests easy to read against our clear results key.
VERSATILE: Easily test drinking water, pool water, spa, ponds, aquarium, industrial waste water and more.