IDEALHOUSE 16 in 1 Water Test Strips Water Tester for Drinking,Pools,Aquariums,Aquaculture,Science Experiment | Super Convenient Test Kits detect PH,Hardness,Chlorine,Copper,Nitrite and More(100pcs)




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IDEALHOUSE 16 in 1 Water Test Kit is designed to simplify water analysis, it can test every water source around your home, including drinking, well and tap water, pool & spa, hot tub, aquarium and ect.



How to increase product service time and performance:

Keep away from light and moisturePromptly close the cap after taking out stripsDo not remove desiccantsDo not touch test areas of reagent stripsUse it within the expiration date(Shelf life: 2 years)Read insert carefully before use

How much do you know about your life water? Do you know your pool ,spa ,hot tub water whether is safe and clean to have fun ?

Water pool disinfectants (chlorine and bromine) help protect swimming pool and hot spring water from the accumulation of bacteria and algae, but certain chemicals that exceed the standard can harm the human body.The pH balance of hot tubs and spas helps prevent water scaling or corrosion.Only by testing various indicators of the aquarium can marine organisms survive better.
All indicators of drinking water, tap water, well water, groundwater (heavy metals, calcium, etc.) need to be within a certain range for safe use. Certification: FDA, CE, ISO Material: PET Advantage: anti-VC interference ability


【Rich data and Convenience】16 in 1 water test kit can accurately test levels of pH,Total alkalinity,chlorine,Nitrite, Mercury, Lead, Copper, Fluoride and so on. 1strips can detect 16 indicators, which is very comprehensive and convenient.
【Easy, Fast and Accurate】Put the test strips in water, take it out, and compare with the color chart. It only takes 60s to know that the indicators of the detected water are low, normal and high quality.Take care of family health.
【Widely Application】They are perfect for testing drinking water, pools & hot tubs, spas, freshwater, spring water, hydroponics, aquariums, aquaculture, Industrial waste water, science experiments and more.
【What do you get】100pcs water test paper, color chart, family members rest assured and healthy of water quality.
【Service and Warranty】We always pursue providing practical products and good service. If you encounter any problems during use, please contact our customer service, we will give you a satisfactory answer. The product 180 days warranty.