Tongbao LX-C-2 Dual Needle Shore C Hardness Tester 0~100HC




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Shaw rubber hardness gauge is an apparatus to measure vulcanized rubber and plastic products. LX-C-2 Micropore Material Durometer, designed for testing the hardness of foam, sponge, shoe microporous material,etc. The product is in accordance with HG/T2489-93.


1. Dial value: 0 ~100HC(HW)

2. Needle stroke: 2.5 mm(0.098in)

3. Measure range: 10 ~90HC(HW)

4. Tip dimension:SR2.5mm(0.098in)

5. Dimension:115×60×25mm(4.4*2.4*0.9in)

6. Weight: 0.5 kg(1.1lb)
Dial value is 0 ~ 100HA .
Needle stroke is 2.5 mm .
Measure range is 10 ~ 90HC .
Needlepoint size is SR 2.5 mm .
Dual needle, after test the top value the driven needle will stop move convenience the user to read.