UV Currency Money Detector,Portable Mini 2 in 1 UV Currency Money Note Detector Counterfeit Checker with Lanyard Magnetic Detector Keychain



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Upromax Stop Selling Start Helping is our Business!!Upromax Stop Selling Start Helping is our Business!!

Portable Money detector Upromax SeriePortable Money detector Upromax Serie

Upromax Portable Money Detectors Serie

4 Solutions to your business!!

The Portable counterfeit detectors from UPROMAX are great for banks, bars, gas stations, nightclubs, restaurants, movie theaters and other large retail stores. Built with advanced LED technology, long-lasting super bright UV and white LEDs.

Compact and easy-to-use protects the user against counterfeit using five integrated detection methods: ultraviolet, watermark, size, and micro printing detection.

Our Solution to you! Total Portable Solution to your business High Quality and modern design Long lasting User Friendly

4 Models 4 Solutions!!!

Portable Money detector Upromax SeriePortable Money detector Upromax Serie

MG SensorMG Sensor

Upromax Money DetectorsUpromax Money Detectors

Count and AddCount and Add

UV Detection

MG Detection

Magnifier Analisis

Count and Add








2 in 1 UV & Magnetic Strip Detection in One with lanyard. This mini money detector machine is portable and convenient to use. This product has both Ultra Violet detecting and Magnetism detecting.
Prevent us from being deceived so as to reduce our property losses. Portable: Net weight 34g, small enough to fit in your pocket, and a neck lanyard, can be hung around the neck or on the hand, very convenient to use.
Range of Application: Can be used to identify USD, EURO, POUND and all paper money of worldwide, can be widely used in shops, grocery stores, restaurants and street peddler etc. Also can be used to test if the cloths, diapers and other products of baby contain fluorescent agent.
UV and magnetic detection can also be used to check IDs, passports, documents. Defector comes with lanyard. It requires 4AG13/LR44 Batteries (included).
Shipping to Canada: import duty and fees apply. Easy to Operate: With only two buttons, even the senior and kid can learn to use it, so easy.