Kostenloser Versand: W-20 Vickers Härteprüfer 0 ~ 20HW

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    This machine is a kind of hardness tester which can quickly detect aluminum alloy profiles, pipes, sheets, aluminum workpieces, and other soft metals on site.

    It also replaces the existing W-20, W-20a, W-20b in the market. One machine, three functions.


    • Easy to use, fast detection, direct reading, high efficiency, operation skills have no influence on reading.
    • Aluminum alloy body, small volume, lightweight, single-handed operation, easy to carry.
    • It is especially suitable for rapid detection of finished products on production site, sales site or construction site.
    • It has a wide application range and can be used for testing aluminum alloy profiles, pipes, plates, aluminum workpieces and so on.
    • Webster hardness can be converted into Vickers hardness, Rockwell hardness, and Brinell hardness.



    • Aluminum alloy profiles, pipes, sheets, aluminum workpieces and copper, brass and other soft metals.
    • Es ist weit verbreitet für die Qualitätsüberwachung am Produktionsstandort und weist eine starke Anpassungsfähigkeit in einem Arbeitsumfeld auf.

    Haupttechnische Parameter

    Measurement Range of Hardness:0~20HW (Equivalent to 20~110HRE,58~131HV)

    Indication Error:    0.5HW(5~17HW)

    Testing Material Thickness: 0.4~13mm aluminum plate or profile

    The thickness of Detection Tube Wall: 0.4~6mm (inner hole is larger than 24mm); 7~13mm (inner hole is more than 10mm)

    Weight: Gross weight 1.55kg, Net weight 0.47kg



    Main engine, Webster hardness block, spare pin, correction wrench, small screwdriver, instrument container.

    Optionales Zubehör

    Indenter, Webster hardness tester, windowpane.