Kaufen Sie Universalprüfmaschinen für Mikrocomputer-Steuerelektronen PHE-5000/150 (zwei in einer Maschine)

    P.roduct Profile

    This product is suitable for tension and compression tests under rated test force. It is mainly used for tensile, compressive, bending, shear, bonding strength and Rockwell hardness test of metal materials and external wall insulation materials.

    It is a two-in-one machine for tension (pressure) – hardness test. The machine is controlled by computer and loaded by YASKAWA servo amplifier and ball screw is driven by servo motor.

    It can set the loading rate according to the corresponding national standards and meet the standard loading rate control index.

    It has the functions of dynamic display of load, time and test curve, real-time control and maximum test force maintenance. After one-time input of test parameters, all tests can be automatically completed sequentially.

    This machine adopts the control software based on Chinese WINDOWS 7 platform to automatically obtain the mechanical test data such as tensile strength or hardness, and print out the complete test curve and report.

    The product meets the requirements of GB/T 228, GB/T 230.2, IS0 6508, JGJ144, JG/T3049, JC/T547 and other test methods.


    • It is used for tensile, compressive, bending, shear and bonding strength tests of metal materials and exterior wall insulation materials.
    • It can measure Rockwell hardness of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, cemented carbides, non-metallic materials and heat treatment materials such as quenching and modulation, and surface Rockwell hardness of metal surface treated (carburizing, nitriding, electroplating).

    Haupttechnische Parameter



    Tension (Pressure)HärteGroßer Flachtest B.ench 1

    S.Einkaufszentrum Flachtest B.ench 1

    V-Typ Test Bench 1


    Prüfstand         1

    Härteblock    6

    Netzkabel       1

    Communication Line 1

    Brand Computer   1

    Ink-jet Printer   1

    Computer Operation

    Area 1

    Testing Software     1

    Tool             1

    Upper and Lower

    Pressing Plates  2

    R.ockwell and Surface

     Rockwell Indenter

    Diamond Indenter   1

    Φ1.588 Ball

     Indenter      1


    Optionales Zubehör

    Tensile Fixture

    Compression Fixture


    anderer Spezifikationen

    HärteskalaA, B, C, D, E, F,

    G, H, K, N, T

    Maximum Test Forcekfg:  5000(50KN)kfg:  150(1.5KN)
    MessbereichThe testing machine is of Class I.


    20 ~ 88HRA,

    20 ~ 70 HRC,

    20 ~ 100HRB

    70 ~ 94HR15N,






    Test Resolution500000 yards(Full range without grading)0,1 Std
    Indication ErrorRelative error±1%It conforms to GB/T 230.2 EN-IS0 6508
    Displacement Indication ErrorRelative error±0.5%0.001
    Displacement Resolution0.000004mm0.0001
    Lifting Speed of Screw Rod0~55mm/min( Screw Stroke 100mm)
    Maximale Probenhöhe250mm
    Effective Specimen Width250mmDistance from Rockwell

    Indenter to Center of Right Column :80mm

    Spannungsversorgung220 V / 50-60 Hz
    AußenmaßeLength* Width * Height 880*600*1500mm