Hardness Tester Meter Shore Type A/O/D Rubber Tire Durometer Tester Hardness Tester 0-100 HA (Type A)



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Type(Optional): A, O, D
Valor de marcación: 0-100 grados
Disparo de la aguja de presión: 0-2,5 mm
Presión final de la aguja de presión:
Tipo de A / O: 0.55 N - 8.06 N,
Tipo D: 0-44,5 N
Precisión: 0,1 mm
Fuerza de prueba: 0,5 N

Instructions for use:

Hold the hardness tester in your hand, press it down vertically, press the indenter and the measured object tightly, wait for the value to stabilize, and then read the value

Hardness range:

Type O: Hardness 10-40 is the best
Type A: Hardness 40-70 is the best
Type D: Hardness 70-100 is the best

Type D
El tipo D es adecuado para caucho duro general, resina, acrílico, vidrio, caucho termoplástico, plancha de impresión, fibra, etc.

Type A
El tipo A es adecuado para caucho general, caucho sintético, caucho blando, poliuretano, cuero, cera, etc.

Type O
El tipo O es adecuado para los materiales microporosos hechos de agente espumante en el plástico.

1 x Rubber Tire Durometer

Date First Available ‏ : ‎ March 12, 2021
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ rofuu

Made of alloy material,waterproof not rust,fine workmanship, no burrs, strong and durable.
The dial scale is clear and the degree is more intuitive and convenient.
Alloy probe, industrial grade, accurate measurement. Easy to use and easy to carry.
A/O/D hardness is different, D>A>O.You can choose the type of hardness.
Type A is suitable for general rubber, synthetic rubber, soft rubber, poly fat, leather, wax etc. Type O is suitable for the micro-porous materials made of foaming agent in the plastic. Type D is suitable for general hard rubber, resin, acrylic, glass, thermoplastic rubber, printing plate, fiber etc.