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    HBD-3000T    Probador de dureza Brinell con pantalla digital de lectura directa


    Product Profile

    Sensor intelligent control technology is adopted in this machine. It is the latest generation of Brinell hardness tester in China. It solves the problem that the existing Brinell hardness tester in our country uses the microscope as the measuring means.

    In addition, it changes the shortcoming of low efficiency of traditional Brinell hardness measurement. Thus, it avoids the irritation and visual fatigue caused by the strong light source of the microscope and effectively protects the visual acuity of the experimenters. It is a great revolution of Vickers hardness tester in China.


    Principal Características

    • It can measure the Brinell hardness of workpiece as quickly and conveniently as using Rockwell hardness tester. It takes only 1 minute for each measurement without the need for a microscope.
    • Hardness measurement accuracy conforms to GB/T 231.2.
    • The whole measurement operation can be automatically completed by one button, and the Brinell hardness value can be displayed directly.
    • Computer closed-loop control, reliable operation, high precision and a high degree of automation.
    • Carga-mantenimiento-descarga automática, visualización dinámica del proceso de trabajo.
    • Two test methods are available for selection. The hardness can be measured by Brinell hardness fast method or by measuring microscope attached to the instrument. If necessary, the measurement results can be compared and corrected at any time.
    • Chinese and English menus, touch LCD screen, rich menu content, with a super-domain warning system.


    Rango de aplicación

    • Se utiliza para medir la dureza Brinell de metales ferrosos, metales no ferrosos, aleaciones no ferrosas y materiales de pulvimetalurgia.
    • Es ampliamente utilizado en metalurgia, forja, fundición, aleaciones para rodamientos.


    Parámetros técnicos principales



    HBD-3000T Configuración estándar
    Prueba plana grande Bench 1

    Scentro comercial Prueba plana Bench 1

    Banco de pruebas tipo Vh 1

    Bloque de dureza    2

    Cable de alimentación       1

    Φ2.5 Tungsteno

    Penetrador de bola de carburo 1

    Φ5 Tungsteno

    Penetrador de bola de carburo 1

    Φ10 Tungsteno

    Penetrador de bola de carburo 1

    20x Reading

    Microscope   1

    Accesorios Opcionales

    Bloques de dureza

    de otras especificaciones

    Rango de prueba 36~650 HBWT
    Fuerza de prueba kfg: 187.5,250,500,750,


    N:  1839,2452,4903,7355,

    9807,14710, 29420

    Resolución de indicación 0.1HBWT
    Precisión de indicación Accuracy is in line with GB/T 231.2.
    Duración de la fuerza de prueba 1-99 seconds (1-second increments)
    Altura máxima de la muestra 240mm
    Distancia desde el centro del penetrador hasta la pared de la máquina 130 mm
    Voltage and Power Voltage 220V/50-60HZ Power

    Consumption of the Whole Machine:≤125W

    External Dimensions and Weight External Dimensions 760×530×185mm,
    Peso Net weight:112kg, Gross weight:135kg


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