Distribuidor: Probador de dureza portátil Rockwell 20 ~ 88HRA, 20 ~ 70HRC 20 ~ 100HRB

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    Portable Rockwell Hardness Tester


    Portable Rockwell Hardness Tester


    Principales características

    • It is small, light and easy to operate, and can be used as a micrometer.
    • It is flexible in application and can be placed on the table or carried to the site for use.
    • The main engine can be used alone or inserted into the supporting seat.
    • It can be used to test small, long and special-shaped parts which cannot be tested by bench hardness tester.
    • It can test standard parts, hardware, tools, and other parts.
    • It can directly test the hardness of the inner and outer wall surfaces of steel pipes.
    • It is very suitable for testing parts with a small bearing surface (such as small stamping parts).
    • It is equipped with different anvils to test various special-shaped parts.
    • It has the same test principle and standard as a desktop computer. It conforms to Rockwell hardness test method.


    Rango de aplicación

    • It is suitable for Rockwell hardness measurement of ferrous metals, alloy steels, non-ferrous metals, non-ferrous alloys, cemented carbides, quenching, tempering and carburizing layers.



    Parámetros técnicos principales



    PHR-2PHR-4-2Configuración estándar
    Main Engine     1

    Supporting Seat    1

    Bloque de dureza    3

    Flat Anvil    1

    V-type Anvil      1

    Diamond Indenter 1

    Φ1.588 Penetrador de bolas1

    Extension Bar 1

    Instrument Container1

    Accesorios Opcionales

    Various special-shaped anvilsΦ3.175 Penetrador de bolas

    Φ6.35 Penetrador de bolas

    Φ12.7 Penetrador de bolas

    Bloques de dureza de diversas especificaciones

    Escala de durezaA, B, C (D, E, F, G, H, K)
    Fuerza de pruebakfg: 60, 100, 150

    N: 588, 980, 1471

    Rango de prueba20 ~ 88HRA, 20 ~ 70HRC

    20 ~ 100HRB

    Resolución de indicación0.5HR
    Precisión de indicaciónCumple con GB / T 230.2 IS0 6508
    Duración de la fuerza de pruebaEntorno arbitrario
    Altura máxima de la muestra50mm100mm
    Fuerza de prueba50mm
    Dimensiones externasMain Engine:390*280*160mm

    Supporting Seat:230*215*150mm

    Main Engine :520*375*176mm

    Supporting Seat :230*215*150mm

    PesoNet weight:: Main Engine 1.2kg, Supporting Seat 4.5kg

    Gross weight :8.6kg

    Net weight: Main Engine 5.2kg, Supporting Seat 4.5kg

    Gross weight :10.1kg


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