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JDR-150A     Rockwell& Surface Rockwell (Double Rockwell) Hardness Tester


Main Features

  • Direct reading of dial hardness value.
  • The MRR(D)-150D1 type is automatic loading and unloading-keeping-unloading, with simple operation and no artificial operation error.
  • The MRR(D)-150A1 is a manual loading and unloading load, its operation without power supply support.
  • Stable performance, simple operation, convenient use.
  • Optimized design of the mechanical structure, linear small circular arc appearance.
  • Strong structure, good rigidity, reliability, durability, and high-test efficiency.
  • It can be equipped with pressure head expansion hardness gauge.


Application Range

  • Rockwell: It is used to measure Rockwell hardness of ferrous, nonferrous metals and nonmetallic materials. It is suitable for measuring Rockwell hardness of heat treatment materials such as quenching and modulation.
  • Surface Rockwell: It is used to measure the surface Rockwell hardness of the ferrous metal, alloy steel, hard alloy, and metal after surface treatment (carburizing, nitriding and electroplating).



Main Technical Parameters



JDR-150AStandard Configuration
Large Flat Test Bench 1

Small Flat Test Bench 1

V-type Test Bench   1

Hardness Block     6

Power Cord       1

Diamond Indenter   1

Φ1.588 Ball

 Indenter      1


Optional Accessories

Φ10mm Miniature

 Flat Test Bench  

Φ10mm Miniature 

V-type Test Bench 

Rockwell Hardness

Computer Software

Hardness Blocks

of Other Specifications

Φ3.175 Ball


Φ6.35 Ball


Φ12.7 Ball


Scale of HardnessA, B, C (D, E, F, G, H, K), N, T
Test Forcekfg:  15,30,45,60, 100,150

N:   147.1,294.2,441.3,588,980,1471

Test Range20~88HRA, 20~70HRC,



42~86HR30N, 20~77HR45N,


29~82HR30T, 10~72HR45T

Loading ModeManual Loading
Indication Resolution0.5HR
Indication AccuracyIt conforms to GB/T 230.2 IS0 6508
Duration of Test ForceArbitrary Adjustment
Maximum Height of Specimen195mm
Distance from Center of Indenter to Machine Wall140mm
Voltage SupplyNo Power Supply
External DimensionsLength* Width * Height 463*175*660mm
WeightNet weight:74kg, Gross weight :90kg


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