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In this video, I will show you some tips on how to choose the proper hardness tester for your product.

As you know, choosing the wrong hardness tester will waste lots of money!

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Manufacturers and scientists normally go through the hardness test of any solid material to know the quality or identify the element.

The hardness gives an idea about the material’s characteristic behavior.

The material properties such as resistance, durability, strength, denting, etc. can be determined by doing the hardness test.

Otherwise, it is really hard to know whether the material will serve the purpose or not. Determine the testing method for the test is an important task.

Come scegliere il test di durezza (per principianti)?

The type, size, and microstructure everything must be considered for that.

So, seriously, how to choose the right hardness tester?

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For testing the hardness of metallic objects, there are a few methods,

like the Rockwell hardness test, the Vickers hardness test, the Knoop hardness test, and the Brinell hardness test.

What is Rockwell hardness test?

Il Rockwell test is the most common and easiest method used in the industry.

An indent is there which is inserted into the surface of the material by a major load and then the depth is measured.

Come scegliere il test di durezza (per principianti)?

It is the quickest and most convenient one used for a larger sample.

What is The Vickers hardness test?

Il Test di Vickers also another one used for measuring the hardness of all types of solid materials.

The diagonal lengths are measured to calculate the hardness of the sample. It is used for both the macro hardness testing and microhardness testing.

What is The Knoop hardness test?

Il Knoop test can be the alternative to the Vickers test. It is applicable to materials like ceramic which is brittle and hard as well. The hardness test is done at the micro-level.

The indenter that is used is a pyramidal diamond-shaped and asymmetric.

It is suitable for small areas. It helps to test thin layer hardness like coating. The cracking problem can be solved by this.

What is The Brinell hardness test?

The Brinell hardness test is for materials that have a grain structure and are large in size.

Here a carbide ball is used to measure the hardness optically.

Quale test di durezza è per l'acciaio inossidabile?

what is Mohs hardness test?

For minerals or rocks, the most common test is the Mohs hardness test.

How to test hardness for woods?

For woods, the most common is the Janka test.

Here, a small steel ball is inserted on the surface and the force is measured to know the hardness.

To get an accurate result, there are a few other factors that must be considered and controlled,

like vibrations, temperature, light, humidity, temperature, etc.

Tester di durezza Vickers a basso carico con display digitale a torretta automatica touch screen

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