What is Rockwell testing?

Simply said Rockwell ‘RC’ is the measuring of materials hardness.  It is a test measuring the penetration depth made by a large load in relation to that made by a lighter one.

The kit knives is the simplest most affordable means of attaining a materials hardness, and with very little engineering or advanced knowledge one can very quickly use it. If you are in doubt on the right kit to choose for your new project, here are a few things to keep in mind.

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Most kits are fairly cheap and affordable but again your budge can be a downing factor when choosing the right one.

More durable kits tend to be higher on the price range than those that aren’t, we understand that they can not last forever but some kits actually give some warranty of durability.

So you may need to think of the importance of your test and make a decision on how much you are willing to spend and at what point you can’t go further.

How accurate do you need the test to be?

This point probably should precede the first but still I feel it should be a supporting point. If you need an absolutely accurate result then you need a very good kit with reviews of efficiency.

This means also that you must be willing to expand your budget to fit the kit with the most value, result wise, to you.

The type of material to be tested

Different materials have different scale of hardness, all kit knives have a scale to which the knives range from, you will need to find the right kit for your material in order to be able to get an accurate or at least near accurate result.

Quantity of work to be done

As I said earlier most kits come with a warranty but you will need to go for one that has the longest, I personally believe that if a company puts a longer warranty on a product then they are mostly assured that it can outlive that time before damage begins.

So go for the longest warranty if you plan to use the kit daily or with large amounts of work, so you don’t end up constantly having to purchase a new set.

In the end it all boils down to personal choice, just don’t forget to choose one with more value to you and your work, now and in the long run.