What is the bullet hardness?

The hardness of the bullet depends on the hardness of the lead alloy that is used to manufacture bullets.

This hardness also depends upon the type of pistol that will be used to fire the bullet.

It is so because in Muzzleloaders bullets are usually made softer for the optimal performance.

There is a sequence of hardness that will help in recognizing which bullet should be manufactured hard or soft for which type of gun.

Pistol bullets should be hard whereas magnum bullets should be harder.

The rifle has a very strong striking power and bullet of the rifle is capable of traveling far distances.

Therefore, the bullet of the rifle should be the hardest of them all otherwise; the bullet might burst in the rifle and could damage the person too.


Why hardness of bullet is necessary for accuracy?

It is also very important for accuracy purposes.

When we fire a bullet due to the intensity of air pressure soft bullets, are deformed and can even blast inside the pistol.

Whereas accuracy also depends on the hardness of the bullet.

A soft bullet will swing in the air and might strike somewhere else.

Whereas hard bullets have the ability to resist high air pressure and hit the target with accuracy.

In the competitions of shooting special hard bullets are manufactured so that the players should not face any difficulty in hitting the target.

For rifles extra hard or even the hardest bullets are manufactured because the main purpose of rifle is to hit the target from a long distance.

So if we use soft bullets they will never hit the target rather get blasted on the way.


Measuring bullet hardness

A very famous process of measuring hardness, Brinell hardness test is used to measure the hardness of the lead and the bullet.

For the sake of measuring lead, a hard ball is used.

Lead is placed on a surface and hardball on the lead.

Then, high pressure is applied to the hardball, which results in the deformation of the lead after some time.

Another major step which needs to be focused on is the constant amount of force which will be applied on the hardball.

But, for measuring bullets which are very small in size, low force is applied.

This will result in a small dent on the bullet which can be seen through a magnifying glass.