Huanyu Pointer Type Shore C Durometer Sclerometer Rubber Hardness Tester Meter for Foam, Sponge, Microporous Materials for Shoes




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When the sample is measured more than 90HA with a type A durometer, it is recommended to use a D-type hardness tester. When the measurment of D-type is lower than 20HD, it is recommended to use a type A durometer. It is not accurate when type A durometer measures lower than 10HA, measurement results cannot be used.

Place the sample on a firm surface, hold the hardness tester, the needle at least 12mm from the edge of the sample, and press the pressure foot firmly on the sample, so that the pressure pin is pressed vertically into the sample until the pressure is complete contact with the sample, read within 1 second, measure the hardness value 5 times at different points (6 mm or more apart), and take the average value (the microporous material measurement points are at least 15 mm apart).

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LX-C Shore Durometer: Suitable for foam, sponge, microporous materials for shoes, etc.
Needle head diameter: Φ2.5mm
Measuring Range: 10-90C
High penetration ABS mirror, clear dial