Presidium Multi Tester III (PMuT III) All-In-One Instrument for Testing Diamonds, Moissanites and Diamond Simulants




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The Presidium Multi Tester III has been developed to help distinguish between colorless diamonds and moissanites using the combined principles of thermal and electrical conductivity. The measuring probe with electronic circuitry is designed to detect and segregate data collected from the gemstones via a customized micro-controller. The information gathered will be displayed within seconds. The Presidium Multi Tester III has been subjected to thorough and extensive laboratory testing, and will give a clear and reliable reading of the gemstone being tested under proper use. However, further supporting tests are advised. Included in your package: Presidium Multi Tester III Metal stone rest User handbook Warranty card Protective carrying case This tester can be powered by either the use of an AC adaptor (optional item sold separately) or through the use of batteries. Please ensure that only the adaptor supplied by Presidium is used.
IMPORTANT TO NOTE: This product needs to be calibrated prior to use. If you experience issues with calibration, please reach out to the seller for assistance prior to returning the item.
EASY TO USE DESIGN: Ergonomic handheld design with a rubberized anti-slip grip for easy handling. Light and portable with a convenient carrying case.
THINNEST RETRACTABLE PROBE TIP: Retractable probe tip that ensures consistent pressure against the gemstone during testing for more reliable results. With the industry’s thinnest probe tip size of 0.6mm, the PMuT III tests colorless diamonds as small as 0.02ct.
CLEAR, CONVENIENT DISPLAY: 180-degree multi-viewing LED display for easy readability for either right or left-handed use
ALL-IN-ONE INSTRUMENT: The world’s first tester that tests for both colorless diamonds and moissanites in a single instrument.