VTSYIQI Durometer Shore D Sclerometer Tester with 100HD Shore Hardness Tester Type D Durometer Dial Single Pointer Hardness Meter Double needle




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Portable DurometerPortable Durometer

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VTSYIQI Rubber Durometer Hardness shore hardness tester


LX-D hardness tester is suitable for hardness test of high degree of hardness material, such as

common hard rubber, hardened resin, acryl, Plexiglas, thermos plastic rubber, printing plate, fibred.

The product conforms to HG/T2489 and other related standard request.

Description Shore rubber hardness gauge is an apparatus to measure vulcanized rubber and plastic products.

This apparatus has three models of Type A, Type C and Type D, and each model is subdivided into two types of single pointer and double pointer.

Type A and D respectively are applicable to the testing of low and medium hardness, and high-hardness materials.

Type C applies to the testing of microporous material which is used to make shoes, with compression rate 50 percent, stress 0.049 MPa or above, and this kind of material is made of rubber plastic and has blister in plastic.

This hardness gauge conforms to the regulations of GB/T531-99, GB2411-80, hg/t2489-93, JJG304-2003.

Type A: applicable to general rubber, synthetic rubber, vulcanized rubber, soft rubber, leather, wax, etc.

Type C: applicable to the hardness test of rubber microporous material.

Type D: applicable to hard rubber, hard resin, acrylic, glass, cushiony plastic cement, printing plates, fiber, etc.


Dial value: 0 ~ 100HD

Needle stroke: 2.5 mm

Measure range: 10 ~90HD

Needlepoint size: SR 0.1 mm

Weight: ~0.5 kg

1 Hand pressure type operation, simple and stable operation
2 Compact structure, gear, rack-type transmission
3 Stable installation, large feet, body weight, and can be installed on the table (table) surface, so that the frame is more stable
4 Equipped with a digital scale, you can collect travel data (ALX-J) at any time
5 Simple operation – hand pressure operation 2. Smooth operation – rack-and pinion rotating type