YUSHI W-20 Portable Handheld Webster Hardness Tester Calipers w/universal type high precision




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Webster hardness tester is the first selected instrument for testing Aluminum profiles mechanical property in accordance with American Standard ASTM B647.It is a portable instrument which can perform on-site hardness test on aluminum alloys. The testing result can be read only through one clip. Convenient, efficient and reliable. Used for quickly testing the hardness of aluminum profiles, tubings, sheets, accessories and other soft metal. Especially suitable for quick, non-destructive on-site one-by-one final products qualification test. Webster hardness tester can be also used for testing hardness of copper, brass and soft steel

Technical Parameters

Testing Range: 0-20HW (equivalent to 20-110HRE) Resolution:0.5HW (8-17HW) Repeatability: 0.5HW (8-17HW) Weight: 1.1 lbs

What’s in the box?

Tester, Standard hardness blocks, Spare indenter, Calibration wrench, Small screwdriver, Carrying case

회사 소개

YUSHI INSTRUMENTS is located in Shenyang, China(Mainland). As the leading manufactures and suppliers of NDT products in China, YUSHI owns the independent intellectual property rights and patents for over 20 years. We have strong R&D team for technical support and we continue to update our products year by year. Our products include ultrasonic thickness gauges, leeb hardness testers, coating thickness gauges, black-white densitometers, ultra-high intensity LED X-ray film viewer, ultrasonic flaw detector, X-ray flaw detectors and various related accessories.



Advanced material, new technology manufactured, higher hardness, long service life, good interchangeability
High strength indicator, uneasy to be curved or transformative by long-term used or mis-operation,high toughness, uneasy to be broken by impact
Casting aluminum alloy material, anodized upper handle, nice appearance, high wear resistance and stain resistance
Hardness blocks are tested by standard hardness tester, attached with test report
Convenient Conversion: Results can be easily converted to Vickers, Rockwell and Brinell