Tawaran Eksklusif Pembacaan Langsung Digital Display Brinell Hardness Tester


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    HBD-3000T    Penguji Kekerasan Brinell Display Digital Display Direct


    Product Profile

    Sensor intelligent control technology is adopted in this machine. It is the latest generation of Brinell hardness tester in China. It solves the problem that the existing Brinell hardness tester in our country uses the microscope as the measuring means.

    In addition, it changes the shortcoming of low efficiency of traditional Brinell hardness measurement. Thus, it avoids the irritation and visual fatigue caused by the strong light source of the microscope and effectively protects the visual acuity of the experimenters. It is a great revolution of Vickers hardness tester in China.


    Main Features

    • It can measure the Brinell hardness of workpiece as quickly and conveniently as using Rockwell hardness tester. It takes only 1 minute for each measurement without the need for a microscope.
    • Hardness measurement accuracy conforms to GB/T 231.2.
    • The whole measurement operation can be automatically completed by one button, and the Brinell hardness value can be displayed directly.
    • Computer closed-loop control, reliable operation, high precision and a high degree of automation.
    • Automatic loading-keeping-unloading, dynamic display of working process.
    • Two test methods are available for selection. The hardness can be measured by Brinell hardness fast method or by measuring microscope attached to the instrument. If necessary, the measurement results can be compared and corrected at any time.
    • Chinese and English menus, touch LCD screen, rich menu content, with a super-domain warning system.


    Julat Aplikasi

    • It is used to measure Brinell hardness of ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, nonferrous alloys, and powder metallurgy materials.
    • It is widely used in metallurgy, forging, casting, bearing alloys.


    Parameter Teknikal Utama



    HBD-3000T Konfigurasi Piawai
    Ujian Rata Besar Bench 1

    Spusat beli-belah Ujian Rata Bench 1

    Uji Jenis-B Bench 1

    Blok Kekerasan    2

    Kabel kuasa       1

    Φ2.5 Tungsten

    Inden Bola Karbida 1

    Φ5 Tungsten

    Inden Bola Karbida 1

    Φ10 Tungsten

    Inden Bola Karbida 1

    20x Reading

    Microscope   1

    Aksesori Pilihan

    Sekatan Kekerasan

    Spesifikasi Lain

    Test Range 36~650 HBWT
    Pasukan Uji kfg: 187.5,250,500,750,


    N:  1839,2452,4903,7355,


    Penyelesaian Petunjuk 0.1HBWT
    Ketepatan Indikasi Accuracy is in line with GB/T 231.2.
    Tempoh Kekuatan Ujian 1-99 seconds (1-second increments)
    Ketinggian Maksimum Spesimen 240mm
    Jarak dari pusat Indenter ke Mesin Dinding 130mm
    Voltage and Power Voltage 220V/50-60HZ Power

    Consumption of the Whole Machine:≤125W

    External Dimensions and Weight External Dimensions 760×530×185mm,
    Berat Net weight:112kg, Gross weight:135kg


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