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Professional Hardness Tester Factory & Wholesaler - JM Hardness Tester

Professional Hardness Tester Factory, Supplier & Manufacture

We provide best hardness tester, Rockwell hardness tester, Brinell hardness tester, Vickers hardness tester & multiple-purpose custom hardness tester.

Business purpose

Customer satisfaction is our permanent commitment

Pursuing perfect service and creating first-class product quality are the company’s ultimate goals. Based on the principle of quality first, service in place and reasonable price, the company stands out from the fierce competition of the peers. The company is actively carrying out modern enterprise management centered on quality management, continuous innovation, constantly striving for first-class product quality, and allowing new and old customers satisfaction.

How to test the hardness of copper

Copper plays an important role in the life of human beings. From the delivering of electricity to the supply of water, copper made all things possible. It allows the electric current to passes through it with the same voltages; it is the good conductor of electricity. The copper is used in the electric appliances, almost every high-quality motors have the copper wires in them. In the past, the cutlery item is made from the copper with are a good conductor of the heat and cold. Copper itself is soft in nature but when you mix it with any other metal it becomes hard.

How to test for hardness of zinc?

The hardness of the material gives it the ability to resist permanent deformation when the load is applied. From an engineering point of view, determining the hardness of the material is important because resistance to wear by erosion or friction by different elements tends to increase with hardness generally. The greater would be the ability of the material to resist deformation as greater it would be its hardness.

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