Auroland Non-Contact Voltage Tester with 9 gear Adjustable Sensitivity Voltage Detector Pen AC Circuit Tester Tool LCD Display LED Flashlight Buzzer Alarm Range12V-1000V & Live/Null Wire Judgment AC1



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Product Description


NCV Tester with Adjustable Sensitivity



1010 Precautions for Battery Installation

Please install battery correctly and pay attention to the positive and negative electrodes. The error installation causes the voltage tester pin to stop working normally.

HANMATEK – AC1 Voltage Tester

Intelligent Reminder of Voltage

Automatic switch-off – After approx. 3 minutes without operation or signal detection, the voltage detector is switched off automatically to save electricity. This can extend battery life.

Battery status indicator – It is helpful to use the pen safely. If the pen does not perform well, you will be prompted on the LCD screen. Replace the battery in time to avoid using the pen when the pen is not receiving power.


Adjustable Sensitivity

Turn on the power switch and press the up and down button to adjust the signal strengthSetting range LED digital display, adjustable gear 1 to 9 gears freely adjustable


Live Wire Testing

The buzzer gives a quick warning when the end of the tester is near the object to be measured.The red indicator light flashes quickly and the LCD shows red. This indicates that the line under test is a live line.


LED Flashlight

With the power on, press and hold the green button for two seconds to turn the LED light on / off. Press and hold the green button again to turn off the LED light


Portable Pencil Hook

Comfortable and friendly design. For its weight or overall design, this pen is as easy to carry as a normal pen. The design of the Pencil hook allows you to carry the pen anywhere. You can take it right in your pocket after use without taking up a lot of space







[Non-contact AC Voltage Tester]: This test pen has NCV sensor, you can detect the presence of AC voltage by simply pressing the power switch and bring the probe of the test pen close to the power socket or live line.
[Alarm function]: When the AC voltage is detected, the sensor indicator lamp of the tester blinks. The test pen lights up the corresponding signal strength indicator depending on the detected signal strength. Two red lights, two green lights and one green light respectively indicate high, medium and low signal strength, and the buzzer sounds different alarms.
[Adjustable Measurement Range]: The HANMATEK non-contact AC tester can adjust the gear in 9 steps, and the detection range can be freely switched between 12-1000v and 90-1000v.
[With Lighting Function]: With an LED flashlight function that is convenient for use in the dark, it can also be used as an emergency light in an emergency.
[Auto Power off Function]: If there is no operation within 3 minutes and the test pen does not detect the AC voltage, the test pen will shut down automatically. The package is equipped with a contactless stylus, a manual, and two 1.5V AAA batteries.