For Sale Automatic Turret Low Load Vickers Hardness Tester 5-3000HV 8-4500HK

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    Low Load Vickers Hardness Tester


    Automatic Turret Low Load Vickers Hardness Tester


    Main Features

    • Friction-free spindle, weights direct loading, high accuracy.
    • Automatic loading-keeping -unloading, reliable operation.
    • The indenter-objective lens can be switched freely, and the operation is convenient.
    • High magnification and high definition measurement system, clear indentation.
    • It has two long focal length measuring objective lenses for observation and measurement and is convenient to use.
    • It has an eyepiece and CCD universal interface and can be used for photographing and video recording.
    • Indentation keyboard input, hardness value automatically calculated and displayed on the LED.
    • It has an RS232 interface and the software can be updated and upgraded.
    • LED light source provides green illumination to reduce visual fatigue and effectively protect vision.


    Application Range

    • Ceramics, glass, gemstones, steel, non-ferrous metals, non-metallic materials.
    • Thin plate, thin metal sheet, small specimen, chip pin.
    • Carburizing layer, nitriding layer, electroplating layer, and another metal coating.
    • It is suitable for gradient measurement of hardened layer and ultra-thin parts.


    Main Technical Parameters



    HVC-5A1 HVC-5D1 Standard Configuration
    ● 10X Electronic Micrometer Eyepiece


    ● X-Y Test Bench


    ● Flat Tongs       1

    ● Weight           1

    ● Horizontal Foot Screw


    ● Power Cord       1

    ● Fuse             1

    ● Allen Wrench      8

    ● 10-12 Wrench      1

    ● Cross Screwdriver      


    ● Hardness Block


    ● Spirit Bubble


    Optional Accessories

    ● 2KG Weight 

    ● Knoop Indenter 

    ● Cylindrical Test Bench 

    ● Sheet Parts Test Bench   

    ● Micro Printer        

    ● Hardness Blocks of Various Specifications

    Measuring Range 5-3000HV,8-4500HK
    Test Force kgf:  0.2,0.5,1.0,2.0,3.0,5.0

    N:   1.961,4.903,9.807,19.61,29.42,49.03

    Turret Type Manual Automatic
    Magnification of Measurement System 100X (for observation) 200X (for measurement)
    Resolution and Accuracy of Measurement Resolution:0.5μm  Accuracy is in line with GB/T4340.2
    Duration of Test Force 5-99 seconds (1 second increments)
    Size and Stroke of X-Y Test Bench 100*100mm   X-Direction Stroke 25mm Y-Direction Stroke 25mm
    Max Height of Specimen 120mm
    Distance from Center of Indenter to Machine Wall 120mm
    Output Preinstall micro printer. The printer can be equipped with RS232 serial interface.
    Voltage Supply 220V/50-60HZ
    External Dimensions 490×330×515㎜
    Weight Net weight:33kg Gross weight:50kg


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