Digital Display Shore A C D TH-200 Type Hardness Indenter 20~90HA


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    X-A  Shore A Type Hardness Indenter   LX(D)-A Digital Display Shore A Type Hardness Indenter

    LX-C  Shore C Type Hardness Indenter   LX(D)-C  Digital Display Shore A Type Hardness Indenter

    LX-D  Shore D Type Hardness Indenter   LX(D)-D  Digital Display Shore A Type Hardness Indenter

    TH-200  High Precision Shore Hardness Indenter (Type A)


    Main Features

    • It is small in size, light in weight, easy to carry and operate.
    • Pointer type indicating instrument, direct reading from the dial, easy reading. (For LX series only).
    • Digital display, clear reading and high accuracy. (For LX (D) series only).
    • Handheld design, easy to carry.  It can be measured by a hand-held method or installed on a matching test rack for testing.
    • It is widely applicable to quality monitoring in production site and has strong adaptability in working environment.
    • Accuracy is in line with GB/T531-99、GB2411-80、HG/T2489-93、JJG304-2003。


    Application Range

    • Type A is suitable for hardness testing of medium and low hardness materials, such as general rubber, synthetic rubber, soft rubber, multi-component grease, leather, wax, etc.
    • Type C is suitable for hardness test of rubber plastic microporous materials with a compression ratio of 50% and stress of over 0.049MPa, such as microporous materials for shoes made of foaming agent.
    •  Type D is suitable for testing the hardness of high-hardness materials, such as general hard rubber, hard resin, acrylic, glass, thermoplastic, printing plate, fiber, etc.


    Main Technical Parameters










    For Export Only

    Measurement Range of Hardness20~90HA20~90HC20~90HD20~90HA
    Test Force0.55N-8.06N0-44.5N0.55N-8.06N
    Indication Resolution0.5HA0.5HC0.5HD0.1HA
    Display ModeLX series table display, LX(D) series digital displayDigital display
    External Dimensions115*60*25173*56*42mm
    Optional AccessoriesThe bracket of A\C Type Shore hardness tester and D Type Shore hardness tester


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