Deal: Full-Automatic Digital Display Rockwell Hardness Tester 50~115HRR

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    Full-automatic Digital Display Rockwell Hardness Tester


    Full-automatic Digital Display Surface Rockwell Hardness Tester


    Full-automatic End-quenched Digital Display Rockwell Hardness Tester (including X-axis Moving Tester)

    Main Features

    • Large screen LCD digital display with rich menu contents and complete functions.
    • Full-automatic one-button operation, automatic lifting of the lead screw, automatic loading and unloading of load, simple operation.
    • Automatic display hardness, high accuracy, small indication resolution, no artificial operation error.
    • It can automatically identify the minimum thickness and hyper-warning of the specimen.
    • It has a built-in micro printer, which can print average hardness, maximum and minimum hardness, and its hardness has discreteness.
    • It has an automatic conversion with other hardness. (HB, HV, etc.)
    • R(M)-150ZXis equipped with electric mobile test bench and professional software, so it has automatic multipoint testing (end quenching).
    • It has two national intellectual property rights.

    Application Range

    • Rockwell: It is used to measure Rockwell hardness of ferrous, nonferrous metals and nonmetallic materials. It is suitable for measuring Rockwell hardness of heat treatment materials such as quenching and modulation.
    • Surface Rockwell: It is used to measure the surface Rockwell hardness of the ferrous metal, alloy steel, hard alloy, and metal after surface treatment (carburizing, nitriding and electroplating).

    Main Technical Parameters



    R(M)-150Z1R(M )-150ZXR(M)-45Z1Standard Configuration

    Large Flat Test Bench 1

    Small Flat Test Bench 1 

    V-type Test Bench    1

    Hardness Block     3

    Foot Screw         4

    Power Cord         1

    RS232 Control Line  1

    Diamond Indenter  1

    Φ1.588 Ball Indenter1


    X-axis Electric Mobile

     Test Bench       1

    Control Box       1

    Special Fixture      1


    Optional Accessories

    Φ10mm Miniature

     Flat Test Bench 

    Φ10mm Miniature 

    V-type Test Bench 

    Hardness Blocks

    of other Specifications

    Φ3.175 Ball Indenter

    Φ6.35 Ball Indenter

    Φ12.7 Ball Indenter

    Scale of HardnessA, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, K, L, M, RN,T
    Test Forcekfg:         60, 100,150

    N:          588,980,1471



    Test Range20~88HRA,20~70HRC,20~100HRB,70~100HRE,50~115HRL,50~115HRM,50~115HRR70~94HR15N,42~86HR30N



    Indication Resolution0.1HR
    Indication AccuracyIt conforms to GB/T 230.2 IS0 6508
    LCD Display ContentHardness Value, Rockwell Scale, Total Test Force, Load Retention Time, Site Temperature, Upper and Lower Limit Values, Measurement Times, Average Value, Minimum Thickness of Test Piece
    Duration of Test ForceAdjustable in 1-99 seconds
    Maximum Height of Specimen195mm150mm195mm
    Distance from Center of Indenter to Machine Wall140mm
    Rockwell Hardness SoftwareIt is connected with the computer, stores measurement data and establishes measurement data document through RS232 interface
    Voltage Supply220V/50-60HZ
    External DimensionsLength* Width * Height 463*175*660mm
    WeightNet weight :74kg, Gross weight :90kgNet weight :69kg, Gross weight :85kg


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