30% OFF Fully Automatic Brinell Hardness Tester 8~650 HBW

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Fully Automatic Brinell Hardness Tester

(The First Computer Closed Loop Controlled Fully Automatic Brinell Hardness Tester in China)

Main Features

  • Force sensor loading, computer closed-loop control, reliable operation, high accuracy and a high degree of automation.
  • One-key operation completes the automatic raising of the test bench, automatic loading-keeping-unloading, automatic lowering of the sample, automatic rotation of the objective lens, automatic focusing, automatic measurement, automatic reading, and convenient use.
  • The indenter-objective lens can be switched freely, and the operation is convenient.
  • Chinese and English menus, large LCD screen, rich menu content, with a super-domain warning system.
  • It has an eyepiece and CCD universal interface and can be used for photographing and video recording.
  • Indentation value is automatically inputted through electronic micrometer eyepiece or is automatically input into a computer through CCD and Brinell hardness special software to display hardness value.
  • It has an automatic conversion with other hardness (HB, HR, HRN/T, etc.).
  • RS232 interface is connected to a computer to realize computer control.
  • LED light source provides green illumination to reduce visual fatigue and effectively protect vision.
  • It has two national intellectual property rights.

Application Range

  • It is used to measure Brinell hardness of ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, nonferrous alloys, and powder metallurgy materials.
  • It is widely used in metallurgy, forging, casting, bearing alloys.

Main Technical Parameters



HBD-3000Z1 Standard Configuration
Large Flat Test Bench 1

Small Flat Test Bench 1

V-type Test Bench    1

Hardness Block     2

Power Cord       1

Φ2.5 Tungsten

Carbide Ball Indenter 1

Φ5 Tungsten

Carbide Ball Indenter 1

Φ10 Tungsten

Carbide Ball Indenter 1



Optional Accessories

Special Software

 for Brinell Hardness

High Definition

 Digital Camera

Camera connector

RS232 Control Line

Brand Desktop Computer

Hardness Blocks

 of Other Specifications 

Measuring Range 8~650 HBW
Test Force kfg: 62.5,100,125,187.5,250,




Turret Type Automatic Turret
Magnification of Measurement System 20-fold (electronic micrometer eyepiece)
Resolution and Accuracy of Measurement Resolution:1μm

Accuracy is in line with GB/T231.2,

ISO 6506-2

and ASTM E10

Indentation Measurement Range 0.5~6mm
Digital Camera (Optional) 1.3 Million Pixels with

High Definition Adaptor (Used with Software)

Duration of Test Force 5-99 seconds (1-second increments)
Rising Speed of Screw Rod Fast Speed :10~15 mm/s

Slow Speed :1~3 mm/s

Auto Focus Time 3~5 seconds
Max Height of Specimen 225mm
Distance from Center of Indenter to Machine Wall 130mm
Output Built-in Micro Printer, RS232 Serial Interface
Voltage Supply 220V/50-60HZ
External Dimensions 760×530×185mm
Weight Net weight :118kg, Gross weight:140kg


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