TESPERT Water Hardness Test Strips, 125 Strips, Simple and Accurate Test Kit for Water Softener Water Filtration Systems Pools Spa Laundry Dishwashers Industrial Processes and More



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💧 About TESPERT 💧
TESPERT Always Be Your Private Test Expert. We have professional Research and Development Center, efficient factory and on-line customer service, help you monitor the surrounding water environment and protect your health with the most effective and fast way.

  🚰 Why You Need It   🛁
Have you ever had some bad experience of drinking water? The water tastes bad and bitter. Hard water is hard to drink, even affect gastrointestinal function after drinking, feeding livestock can cause abortion in pregnant animals. Hard water can also cause corrosion, scale formation, turbid water, or excessive foam.Therefore, it is very important for our daily life to test water hardness. TESPERT test strips is the most convenient and effective way to check your water. Accurate test results can be obtained without any experience. Also, you will save the expensive test fees, a few bucks will help you check the water at all times. So place the order now!

  🔬 How It works🧪 
Tespert Water Total Hardness Test Strips is the  best kit for water quality testing to determine soft or hard water. You will know your water’s total hardness level in 30 seconds. The whole set contains 125 strips in total . Kit  indicates the conditions of the water by changing color.

  ❣️ Instructions ❣️
Simple 1.Dip the test strips into water for 2 seconds and remove it.
Fast 2.Hold the strip horizontally for 15 seconds. Do NOT shake excess water off for avoiding color mixing .
Accurate3.Compare against the color chart and read immediately within 30 seconds to get exact results.

❣️GET HEALTH AND CLEAN WATER – Water Hardness Test Kit can help you to monitor water hardness levels to prevent corrosion, scale formation, turbid water, or excess foam.
❣️MULTIPLE PURPOSES – Hardness water test strips are ideal for water filtration systems, fish tanks, swimming pools, spas, laundry, cloth diapers, dishwashers, industrial processes, educational experiments, and homeland security applications.
❣️FAST AND EASY – Dip, wait 15 seconds and get instant results in 30 seconds. Compare with the color chart on the bottle, ideal range marked on bottle.
❣️LONG-TERM STORAGE Each test kit contains 125 strips. The quality of the Water Hardness Test Strips can be last for 24 months if they are stored in cool condition and away from light.
❣️TEST EXPERTS We have our own professional research center, high efficient manufactory, and online customer services. Choose TESPERT, get your private testing expert.