Шнуры адаптера питания для дома на колесах 15А и розетки 30А Адаптеры с электрическим поворотным замком, 12 дюймов (15M30T)




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30M30F genenrator cords (http://a.co/2d6odPs)

Misuse can result in FIRE or DEATH by ELECTRICAL SHOCK.Please Read Both Sides Carefully and FOLLOW ALL DIRECTION.
Before USE
1.A cord set not marked for outdoor use is to be used indoor only. See UL label for outdoor marking
2.Inspect thoroughly before each use, do not use if damaged
3.Look for the number of watts on appliance to be plugged into cord
4. See label on cord for specific wattage
5. Do not plug more than the specified number of watts into this cord
6.Do not run through doorways, holes in ceiling, walls or floor
7.Make sure appliance is off before connecting cord to outlet
8.Fully insert plug into outlet
9.Do not remove, bend or modify any metal prongs or pins of cord
10.Do not use excessive force to make connections
11.Do not connect a three-prong plug to a two-hole cord.
12.Uncoil fully before using.
this is a polarized cord
During Use
1 Keep away from water
2 do not use when wet
3 keep children and pets away from cord
4 do not plug one extension cord into another
5 avoid overheating . Uncoil cord and not cover it with any material
6 do not drive, drag or place objects over cord
7 do not walk on cord
After Use
1Grasp Plug to remove from outlet
2 Always store cord indoors
3 Always unplug when not in use
4 Do not unplug by pulling on cord
Do not remove this tag
Warning:This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer,birth defects,or other reproductive harm.

NOTE:Please carefully read the parameters of the product, and determine whether to meet your needs before purchasing. Thank you for understanding.
15M30T, 30A/125V Max. Load 3750W, NEMA 5-15P to L5-30R,STW 10/3.
Reliable conduction flexible and durable.Molded and made of heavy-duty polyvinyl plastic,100% copper wire.
RV camper power cord locking adapter.The locking connector has a threaded ring.
RV twist lock adapter.Not applicable to marine application.