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In today’s tutorial, we will talk about why hardness testing is important in the car industry.

First of all, do you still remember What is hardness?

what is a hardness testing

Well, I tell you what, Hardness is a materials’ resistance to an indentation caused by another equally hard material.

It is usually undertaken to determine the materials’ resistance to plastic deformation,

Почему мы должны проверять твердость в автомобилях?

which serves as an important part of determining the right quality needed for various components.

You probably know that,

Hardness testing aims to ensure that the right material fits for most of the environmental and work-related issues which lead to wear, tear and the damage is used.

do cars need hardness test

Cars are essentially complex types of machinery with various metallic components that work together or separately at a time with most of these components constantly undergo improvement and advancement.

Automotives require the services of hardness testing more due to its use.

So here comes the important part. Why hardness testing is necessary for cars?

Почему мы должны проверять твердость в автомобилях?

With the ever-advancing technology that strives for safety yet efficiency,

the outer body of cars is constantly faced with the environmental and human attack that poses as threats to both the life of their users and the life of the car.

So you might already know that,

With the help of the hardness test, manufacturing companies can ensure that the right materials fit the retail requirements of the car.

The ruggedness of the outer body of a car is weighed by how much it can withstand and that lies in the hand of the hardness test on materials, to see which fits the bill.

hardness test for car engines

First of all, we should do the hardness test for the engines.


Because Engines are no more as simple as they were in the old days or as bulky,

Почему мы должны проверять твердость в автомобилях?

now cars have relatively smaller but effective engines that constantly work at top speed.

Hardness Tests on the engine materials can not only improve the efficiency of the engine but also ensure the durability of it.

Cars are generally classified based on the power of their engine, the higher an engine power gets the more it needs to be protected by the right materials.

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What about other components?

Do they need hardness testing? Of course, they do!

The smaller components of cars run as much and even more than the rest of the cars, for example, the gears or crankshafts,

constantly face friction that can quickly lead to wear and tear, the materials to coat them and ensure their durability can be depended on testing those available and picking the best for the job.

Почему мы должны проверять твердость в автомобилях?

Let me give you one example, my old sport.

A car heating system is controlled by materials that need to be resistant to heat, using wrong materials that without hardness testing can not only lead to safety issues but also expensive repairs and work to get it fixed.

The quality of a car is centered on how much it can withstand, physically, internally and engine wise.

The hardness test is one that should stand side by side in the production of cars, to give strong and reliable assurance of safety, durability, efficiency, effectiveness, and stamina.

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