Portable Oxygen Concentration Content Tester Meter Detector Instructions are in English now



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Technical parameters
◆ Detect scope: 0-100% 0-25% 0-5% ◆ Precision ±0.15%(when oxygen is less than 5%)±0.3%(5%-25%), ±3%(above 50%)。
◆ Working environment temperature -10~40℃  humidity=<90%RH
◆Respond time: indicate 90% of the oxygen density in 10 seconds (of 20℃) ◆ Method: pinch and absorb ◆ Source: 6F229Vlaminated battery that can run 500 hours continuously ◆ Size: 160×85×28mm ◆ Weight: 150g ◆Detecting precision disturbing gas: when SO2, NO2, H2S etc ≥10%, they will affect the detect precision. ◆ Distinguishablity 0.01% ◆Error: =< 0.01% ◆ Displaying method: integration method Display reading: three and a half liquid crystal display ◆Sensor: electrochemistry sensor ◆ Power consume 4mW.
Operating environment This oxygen detector is especially suitable to be used in such condition to detect the oxygen content. *Detect the oxygen content in the environment of mines, vessels, chemical and chemical fertilizer industries. It is very efficient to prevent the explosion resulted from lack of oxygen when operating and is also efficient to keep the maintenance personnel smothering for lack of oxygen. *Detecting the oxygen content in the exhaust of the combustion engine and in the chimney flue so as to control the burning reasonably and save the fuels. *Detecting the oxygen content in grain, fruit, vegetable, tobacco, Chinese medicine, dry fruit etc. * Analyzing the oxygen content in breathing machine, anesthesia machine, infant incubator, astronavigation and diving industry. *It is also the obbligato experimental facilities in physics, chemistry, biology etc in middle and high school. *It is also suitable to be used in meteorological departments, pharmaceutical factory’s injection quality check to detect the oxygen content.Sampling methods:1)you can pinch the inspiratory tube under normal pressure.2) you can adjust the flux between200 and 800ml/min, or put the tube into the water, it can produce 4 –6 bubbles.

Instructions are in English now. For environmental protection, we will send electronic instructions to your mailbox
This is a mini pocket tester. It is widely used for analyzing the purity of oxygen in respirator machine of medical treatment, anesthesia machine, oxygen concentrator, high-pressure oxygen house and nursing case for infant.It is comprised of oxygen sensor (oxygen electrode), secondary meters etc. It is light, firm and portable.
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